Continuous research into the creation of raw materials and production processes that are increasingly performing allow the continuous evolution of lightweight marble whose benefits converge, not only in products with increasing quality, but also in other types of lightweight marble, patented or patent-pending, of which FFPANELS® is direct proof and a valid reality.

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FABYCOMB® - Patented
It is the patented lightweight marble panel deriving from the construction of the honeycomb panel, performed simultaneously with the process of stratification and reinforcement with the stone slab.
In the general field of construction and furniture, but particularly in nautical and yacht applications, the aim is to lighten and strengthen, or to give other desired physical properties to stone materials, used as coatings and flooring.
The solutions currently on the market have obvious strength and durability defects. FABYCOMB® overcomes these limits by presenting itself as a tenacious and flexible laminated panel in lightweight marble, in which all components (stone material, glass cloth, honeycomb aluminium core and structural resin) are laminated in a single and new industrial process (stone + honeycomb in one shot! ).
This technology, guaranteed by strict quality control, makes FABYCOMB® the only lightweight marble with excellent physical/mechanical performance, solving all the problems that characterise the application of façade coverings.

The main characteristics of FABYCOMB® can be summarised as follows:

Ultra-light stone panel with high strength against traction, compression and bending;
FABYCOMB® panel coverings can also be applied on wooden structural frame systems, to provide fast and cost-saving solutions;
The technical specifications of the FABYCOMB® panel allow direct application on a steel frame, excluding external insulation systems, thus providing an extremely competitive solution for this type of elements;
Suitable for use as a rain screening system on existing or new structural elements;
Increased strength against cutting and bending stress;
Excellent dimensional stability;
Weight (16 to 18 kg/m2 according to the thicknesses and types of stone);
Any shape and dimension can be created up to 3400 x 2000 mm;
Resists atmospheric agents;
Stable in temperature variations from -40°C to +90°C

For further information on FABYCOMB® visit the website of the FFPANELS® manufacturer

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Marble-glass composite panels are created to enhance the aesthetic appearance of marble, stone and granite. The stones, thanks to a glass support, can be laminated in ultra-thin thicknesses, acquire translucency and be back-lit, giving striking decorative effects.
However, on the one hand, if the aesthetic aspect of the stone is enhanced to utmost beauty, multiple inherent technical constraints in composite marble-glass stratification still make these panels very heavy and expensive to make.
This is the reason why a new composite panel is now available which retains the aesthetic qualities of the old marble-glass composite panel, while eliminating its weight and excessive cost. . .


The FABYCOMB®LIGHT patented panel maintains the characteristics and quality of the FABYCOMB® lightweight marble panel with the addition of translucence due to back-lighting.

For further information on FABYCOMB®LIGHT visit the website of the FFPANELS® manufacturer