New manufacturing processes for LIGHTWEIGHT MARBLE

New manufacturing processes for LIGHTWEIGHT MARBLE

The materials necessary for producing lightweight marble and, of course, any type of stone, are the following:
  • fiber glass;
  • aluminum honeycomb structure;
  • glue;

Each one of those materials must be the best in quality of its type, its properties being the result of certified production procedures (ISO 9001), and each production batch tested and guaranteed by the factory and, for acceptance, specific tests are made before application. The specific qualities of those materials are required for achieving the resistance parameters needed for lightweight marble, which are more stringent than the same parameters required by classical marble: lightweight marble slabs are, in fact, better performing than classical marble slabs. To that result, the production procedure by which the selected materials are made to form a single new product, is of paramount importance. By that procedure the structural qualities of the single components are optimally made to contribute to a maximum result in terms of best overall structural performance. The choice of best materials and the application of best procedures, show evidence of best results.

So, we can deduce the substantial qualitative difference between:
  • lightweight marble produced in marble shops, following old procedures in non dedicated environments, using honeycomb panels of non specifically selected types, with no final quality checking (see picture 1 and picture 2)
    picture 1
    picture 2

  • lightweight marble produced by a company with experience in laminated and stratified product production, in dedicated environments, using materials specifically chosen to the task, checked by production and application, following precisely studied procedures and constantly checked during production and finally tested (see picture 3 and picture 4)
    picture 3
    picture 4

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