The traditional stone slab is obtained by sawing a entire block of stone into slices to obtaining a commercial-standard slab with a standard thickness of 2 cm. The size of the blocks stone dependent on different factors just like chemical and physical characteristics of the stone itself but also on morphological peculiarities of the quarry of origin. With a compact and strong granite like, for example, the so called Nero Africa, it is possible to shape slabs of big dimension about of 320-340 x 180-200 x 2 cm. From other kind o stones, uneven and fractured, like the so called Giallo Siena, blocks will be smaller and slabs smaller about, for example, 180-200 x 100-120 x 2 cm. The specific weight of marble is 2700 kg per square meter, so a stone slab with a standard thickness of 2 centimeters weighs 54 kg per square meter. Given size and weight of the stone slabs it is easy to understand that there’s the need to work with some sub-size of stone slabs, to have more facility to be produced and installed as coatings and floorings. The weight of a stone slab of 2 cm thickness remains anyway too high to be used on yachts. To be consider also that the larger the slab stone is, the higher will be its fragility in case of shocks and stresses, (keep in mind the damage in exterior walls in case of hurricanes or earthquakes) and also, the anchoring system structure will need have adequate load bearing capacity to meet the huge loads of stone. Here then is the need to transform weight and fragility of large stone slabs (two problems that always prevented the use of large stone slabs to create building’s facades) into lightness and toughness, while maintaining the look and the feel of the natural beauty of the stone.
FFPROCESS® LIGHTWEIGHT MARBLE was born to have ever more efficient solutions, as result of studies that characterize and redefine the new concepts in lightweight stone slab, flat or curved, as a standard thicknesses of 5 and 10 millimeters which already include layered and laminated on a backing of honeycomb aluminum through a glass-fiber fabric impregnated with epoxy adhesive bicomponent. These layers and laminations, performed according to exclusive production standards, with specific raw materials (selected structures in honeycomb aluminum, fiberglass fabrics selected and exclusive epoxy adhesive), with thin stone slabs, create optimal physical characteristics such as lightness, toughness, high resistance to mechanical stress, and consequently to the search for targeted production characteristics: extreme durability.

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