Hexagonal cell 3 to 25 mm in diameter.


The internal structure of a sandwich panel, enclosed by the skins. In lightweight marble, the core consists of honeycomb.


Fibreglass is material obtained from high temperature fusion of silica with other minerals.


Intrusive eruptive rock, with granular structure, consisting essentially of quartz, orthoclase, micas, used as a building and decoration material.


Honeycomb structure (with honeycomb cells) in aluminium. It is lightweight, resistant to compression and cutting, resistant to fire and corrosion, indestructible and recyclable.

Honeycomb in honeycomb aluminium

The aluminium honeycomb is a core product with a hexagonal shape similar to honeycomb.

Lightweight marble (or lightened marble)

Traditional marble reduced to thin thickness to lighten its weight.


Calcareous or dolomitic rock that can be machined and polished to make decorative material.


Very hard metamorphic rock derived from sandstone (i.e. sand), composed essentially of quartz (mineral).

Sandwich panel (or sandwich structure)

Element consisting of two resistant layers, called skins or faces, separated by a connective material called core.

Skins (or Faces)

Outer layers of a sandwich panel, which covers the core. They are usually made of material with high mechanical strength, which can be a composite material made of fibreglass, carbon or Kevlar, or even thin aluminium or steel.